cardiff app developers How to Implement Mobile DevOps

How to Implement Mobile DevOps?

Constant Integration and Delivery Developers must generate code in a way that they can combine it with others. One team’s code must be in such a manner that it becomes simple to link using another team’s code. Developers must remember that every development tool must be transparent like code, configuration, documents, scripts, text files, etc.…

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cardiff app developers Challenges in Accepting DevOps for Mobile App Development

Challenges in Accepting DevOps for Mobile App Development

Although the primary standards of accepting DevOps for mobile applications and web applications are the same, there are some challenges for accepting DevOps in mobile app development. These challenges incorporate: Google Play Store and Apple App StoreUsually, you can’t deploy a mobile app straight to a mobile gadget. It requires undergoing Google Play Store for…

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cardiff app developers Is DevOps Important for Mobile App Development

Is DevOps Important for Mobile App Development?

For app development companies, DevOps is extremely useful. Albeit it’s not a very simple procedure in the starting, slowly it becomes easier when you start applying and executing this procedure precisely. The Essential 6 C’s of Mobile DevOps There are six elements of the DevOps methodology. These elements connect the entire procedure and ensure the…

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Differentiating DevOps from Agile App Development

In mobile app development, Agile and DevOps are extensively used terms and many organisations use both of these methodologies. Are DevOps and Agile the same? No. Let’s see how DevOps is different from Agile methodology. Although the Agile method results in more retrospectives and scrum meetings for identifying gaps in client-developer communication, DevOps results in…

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How DevOps Plays a Beneficial Role in Mobile App Development

For the last few years, millions of people worldwide have been using mobile devices as the main source of accessing the internet. For this reason, many industries developed a mobile app for their businesses. However, they may have failed to focus on app security, code quality, sustainability and development costs. DevOps is the sensible way…

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smart home energy management, home automation, IoT, smart sensors

What Are The Benefits of Smart Home Energy Management?

Smart home energy management systems are transforming the way individuals use and interact with energy within their households. Smart homes utilise internet of things sensors to create a central system which connects enabled appliances. Mobile apps for each appliance allow for simplified control of household devices. Let’s learn more about some of the benefits of…

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IoT, Smart sensors, smart cities, energy efficiency, smart home, smart building

5 Easy Steps On Building A Smart Home

Smart devices are truly changing the way we interact with our homes. A smart home, equipped with IoT (Internet of Things) enabled devices saves consumers time, energy consumption, and ultimately money! Want to learn about setting up a smart device enabled abode for yourself? Check out our list of 5 easy steps on building the…

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energy management system, EMS, renewable energy, smart building, smart home, IoT

What is the Future of Energy Management Systems?

Energy management systems are rapidly changing the way businesses consume energy and utilise data about their energy usage. Research and Markets’ recent forecast predicts a compound annual growth rate of 13.78% from 2019 to 2024. You may be wondering, how will this change how corporations actually operate? What Exactly Are Energy Management Systems? Energy management…

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usability testing, app development, target audience

Why Usability Testing Is So Important

Usability testing is a crucial step for both app developers and companies wishing to develop a mobile application. During this testing stage, app developers analyse how people use applications (or websites) and monitor how they interact with the applications. This step helps developers better understand how a users experience can be improved, usually by tweaking…

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mobile app development, CMS, HCMS

What Is An HCMS And How Can It Benefit Your Business?

HCMS, or headless content management systems, are transforming the way administrators manage content and engage with users. Headless content management systems are vastly different from a typical CMS (content management system). One of the major difference is that as they are separate from its Web delivery layer. A HCMS publishes content and media only, with…

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artificial intelligence, app development, AI, mobile apps

4 Easy Ways To Use Artificial Intelligence In Your Next Mobile App

Artificial intelligence (AI), or the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans, is shaking up the way companies connect to potential consumers. Millions of smart phone users utilise artificial intelligence whether they know it or not. Some commonly used AI applications include predictive text, route suggestions, and voice assistants. According to Adobe,…

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ibeacon, beacon technology, tourism, travel

How iBeacon Technology is Transforming the Tourism Industry

Travel destinations and tourism companies are always on the lookout for new and innovate ways to engage visitors. Creating a memory for visitors that lasts a lifetime is what tourism locations aim to do and iBeacon technology is helping achieve this goal! What is iBeacon Technology? iBeacon technology, also known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)…

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Why Do A Tech-Review Of Existing App?

Your company has brought its long awaited vision of a certain application to life. Congrats! You may think that’s where the road ends with application development. However, an app tech-review by app developers deciphers whether your app is delivering the best results it possibly can. Analysing 8 billion app installs worldwide from January 2018-July 2018,…

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How To Choose A Mobile App Agency

Choosing between anything nowadays tends to be a struggle, mainly because we have a million choices available instantly. So how does one go about choosing a mobile app agency to help bring their vision to life? Some questions a company may ask while searching for the right mobile app agency include: How should we choose…

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Optimal Scoping In The Shortest Amount Of Time

So you’ve come up with an exciting vision for a new incredible app! You may be asking yourself, “What now”? Tradebox Media assists with app development scoping exercises to ensure your company fully realises the application’s potential. The first phase of the mobile app development process is what we at Tradebox Media call ‘scoping’. App…

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