Differentiating DevOps from Agile App Development

In mobile app development, Agile and DevOps are extensively used terms and many organisations use both of these methodologies.

Are DevOps and Agile the same? No. Let’s see how DevOps is different from Agile methodology.

Although the Agile method results in more retrospectives and scrum meetings for identifying gaps in client-developer communication, DevOps results in more specifications and documentation for identifying gaps between operations and development.

Agile’s founding standard is to bring agility to the development whereas DevOps is all about bringing agility to both operations and development.

Advantages of DevOps in Mobile App Development.

  1. It Births Better Apps

DevOps helps to create better apps that give a better user experience. The user experience is one of the most essential factors for the success of any product.

DevOps assists in immediate reporting and feedback, clear development procedure and regression testing, which are extremely helpful in providing quicker solutions, the removal of errors, and UX optimisation.

  1. It Allows the Continuous Testing and Monitoring of the Product

Since there are many OS versions, it’s not possible to test all versions manually. Optimal mobile app testing is done on simulators rather than actual gadgets. In the manual testing process, a mobile app may work properly during the testing period, but it does not mean that it will not experience failure in the live environment.

The factors responsible for its failure may incorporate power, network conditions, memory, etc.

Hence, to mitigate these problems, both developers and businesses should monitor continuously via third-party SDKs for crash reports and log reports to discover the reason behind the failure.

  1. It Helps Maintain Software Development Process’ Quality

DevOps helps keep up with the quality of app development environment as it can monitor all parts of the code from start to finish whilst identifying possible corrections.

DevOps is useful in enhancing the software development process. It helps control the quality of software development, worthwhile monitoring and efficient integrations.

  1. It Saves Time and Makes the Software Release Cycle Faster

DevOps helps minimise app development time as it boosts the cooperation among various teams and departments that are engaged in specific software development. It makes the entire communication procedure transparent.

Hence, the use of DevOps is extremely advantageous for improving the software development process and fulfilling your business goals.

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