How iBeacon Technology is Transforming the Tourism Industry

Travel destinations and tourism companies are always on the lookout for new and innovate ways to engage visitors. Creating a memory for visitors that lasts a lifetime is what tourism locations aim to do and iBeacon technology is helping achieve this goal!

What is iBeacon Technology?

iBeacon technology, also known as Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology was first introduced to market by Apple in 2013. Here’s how it works: a company places a beacon somewhere in their physical location. When a visitors passes by the beacon, they will receive a timely message on their smartphone or tablet. For this technology to work, the user downloads the corresponding app that connects to the beacon. Then, they enable Bluetooth on their device and opt in to receive notifications.

What are some ways travel companies are using beacons?

iBeacon technology is truly a game changer for travel and tourism companies who are searching for new ways to connect with consumers. Here are a few examples of some awesome ways BLE technology is transforming the tourism industry!


Graceland, the home of Elvis Presley, has recently introduced beacons in the famous tourist destination to enhance visitors’ experience. During the tour of the famous property, visitors are given iPads that connect to the beacon to deliver location-based content such as audio recordings, videos, and photos. This technology enables guests to fully immerse themselves into the story of Elvis’ life. Not only do beacons make tours more interactive, but they also lower the cost for museums who no longer have to purchase audio headsets to deliver information.

Miami International Airport

In 2016, Miami International Airport became the first airport to implement beacon technology into its company. The airport’s mobile app connects to beacons to give travellers personalised updates, directions and tips based on their location and needs. For example, as a passenger moves throughout the airport their smartphone will be notified of information based on current location such as the location of their gate and nearby food and retail outlets. Described by the airport as “your personal travel assistant”, you will never feel alone in a massive airport again!

Marriott International Hotels

Marriott International is one of the first major hotel chains to implement beacon technology into their company. In the summer of 2015, Marriott debuted LocalPerks, a loyalty program that incorporates beacon technology, at three of its hotels. Guests download the LocalPerks app which presents tailored localized offers, ranging from food and beverage to spa and golf deals. By 2017 Marriott had expanded the LocalPerks app and beacon technology to over 500 of its hotels around the world.

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