What Is An HCMS And How Can It Benefit Your Business

HCMS, or headless content management systems, are transforming the way administrators manage content and engage with users. Headless content management systems are vastly different from a typical CMS (content management system). One of the major difference is that as they are separate from its Web delivery layer. A HCMS publishes content and media only, with the design and layout as responsibilities of the development teams. This system allows content to be distributed through multiple channels and devices. Administrators can then access content across all of its applications using an API, or an Application Programming Interface. Here’s a few of the benefits that can come with using an headless content management system:


Access to the HCMS has an internal structure and, because of this, holds stronger protections against potential cyber threats. The headless content management systems are also more secure from attacks due to its hosting through the cloud and its separation from the user layers. Additional authentication services can also make sensitive content more secure. Using this method, administrators will no longer have to worry about digital attacks!


By storing all data through a headless content management system, users can always access web applications should they go offline. In addition to this, headless content management systems also give users a new and tailored user experience. These solutions have machine-learning capabilities allowing for personalised services that help to engage the consumer in new and exciting ways.


Storing data away from the front-end display means administrators can refresh their design elements without having to re-implement the entire content management system, allowing for a more seamless process. By storing the database through an API, this content will update for any new device or channel that emerges in 2019 and beyond. Refreshing a website when using a headless content management system is also much quicker than it usually is with a typical content management system.

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