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Energy management systems are rapidly changing the way businesses consume energy and utilise data about their energy usage. Research and Markets’ recent forecast predicts a compound annual growth rate of 13.78% from 2019 to 2024. You may be wondering, how will this change how corporations actually operate?

What Exactly Are Energy Management Systems?

Energy management systems, or EMS, are applications which may provide real-time metering, carbon and sustainability reporting, utility bill tracking, building HVAC and lighting control systems, and/or other energy reviews. These systems collect real-time interval data from devices by use of interval smart meters. In addition to this, these systems report data on energy consumption, track trend analysis, and also allow users to engage with the data to identify cost-saving opportunities.

How Can EMS Solutions Transform How We Use Renewable Energy?

EMS solutions not only help companies to cut costs, but they also help reduce carbon emissions, promoting a greener economy. By tracking energy consumption in real time, businesses can optimise when and how they use energy throughout their buildings. More recently, cloud-based management systems are becoming the wave of the future. These cloud-based energy solutions have the capability to remotely control HVAC as well as smart lighting systems. Tradebox Media has recently developed a line of various EMS solutions for companies such as the Limpet Reader, which offers a new standard in utility meter reading services for water, gas and electricity. These solutions help to provide for greener building and, therefore, greener businesses!

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