vFlow allows you to easily capture and then analyse the effectiveness and efficiency of your key processes.

Allowing you to ensure that you are performing optimally across your whole business, or assess if recent improvements have had an impact ensuring that quality is maintained.

The single biggest step towards operational performance improvement is understanding the granular detail of what is going on. Not what management think is happening or what the process documentation says should be happening, but what is really happening, on the ground.

Getting that level of detail takes time. Documentation can get lost, team members are always changing, so standardising things is hard. Some processes are so complex and fast or changeable, that it is impossible to capture and understand them without a tool to aid you.

Welcome to v-Flow, it has allowed our Client to apply manufacturing process improvement techniques in service sectors, including the NHS and Retail.


The vFlow system is a product of Velresco LTD is deployed on an Enterprise basis. For a demonstration of the system and our process management capabilities, please contact us.