The Limpet Reader System is a first to market, innovative IOT (Internet of Things) solution to the Water Management and Utilities industries.

Client: Deer Technology Limited

iOS Development
Android Development
Systems Architecture

Limpet Reader is a one-of-a-kind water management system that uses the very latest in BLE technologies to create an end to end system manage and monitor water usage at source.

Designed and developed by Tradebox, the Limpet Reader system is the latest in our extensive portfolio of Smart City and Connected Environment products.

Deer Technology offer a new standard in utility meter reading services for water, gas and electricity.

Deer Technology’s Limpet product range gives affordable, simple solutions of ‘Walk-By’ and ‘AMR’ (automatic meter reading).

A custom back office solution, API set and image algorithms offer a first to market product that is revolutionising the Water industry.