The Unparalleled Value of Enterprise Apps

As more and more organisations are becoming aware of the advantages of enterprise apps, the more businesses are coming to realise their significant value and importance, now even making room in their budgets specifically for these apps, understanding that there is a great opportunity to create new revenue from the investment.

What are enterprise apps?

An enterprise app is a mobile app, developed for business use. As well as increasing productivity, they are a great tool for managing logistics within your organisation, boosting sales, and increasing organisational efficiency. These are a just a few examples. Depending on which industry you are in, enterprise apps can be applied to different purposes, and app developers are making a variety of apps available for particular jobs.

For example, a marketing app provides direct contact with potential clients and customers to promote products or services, and to gather data and statistics to develop appropriate marketing plans; a sales app enables your team to collect information and take enquiries; internal communications apps allow you to better communicate both with clients, as well as colleagues; you can promote and manage events more smoothly with an events app; there’s also training apps, reporting apps, project management apps, and even health and safety apps.

Portable, accessible, dynamic, and instant

The different internal uses for enterprise apps have been proved to increase productivity by 40%. A unique benefit is that everyone has a mobile phone, which means everyone is able to access an app and work, whether submitting data, communicating with colleagues, or processing information, no matter where they are. Employees can create work schedules bespoke to their personal circumstances, with instant access to the necessary documents. Even without an internet connection, employees can save to a database, saving time.

Working with enterprise apps can help a business move quicker and reduce dead time. Apps can offer instant messaging, reducing the time spent on email communication, which is not so dynamic when on the move, or in a meeting, and encourages a quicker and more efficient response or action. More efficient communication is also applied to customers who, via the app, can contact the company directly, enhancing customer experience.

Another great thing about enterprise apps is that they support a variety of media, allowing you to create unique ways to engage with your employees and clients, such as videos, infographics, and even podcasts. They identify user behaviour, too, giving a a unique experience generated by habit and intuition.

The ability to capture customer data and feedback with CRM and analytics software can provide priceless information. This on top of it’s influence on increased productivity and managing your business more effectively is surely reason enough to get on board. More and more organisations are taking advantage of this technological development. With an increase of 72% between 2014 and 2015 on reported use, they are fast becoming the must have tool for business.

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