intellectual development

Amaya Lopez looks at the intellectual development in children using apps.

How can technology encourage your child’s intellectual development?

Nowadays, seeing a child with a mobile phone or a tablet in their hands seems very normal. Times change and so do habits.…

internship at cardiff

Internship destination: Cardiff

I consider myself as a world citizen. I don’t like to be the typical tourist. In my opnion to get a grant to do an internship is a very enriching experience which everyone should have.

Not only does it allow me to get to know another place, its culture and its population.…

meetings apps

We drew upon using meetings apps briefly in our recent blog post about document management apps, but we wanted to go into some more detail.

The convenience and practicality of using a meetings app enables easy access to the resources attendees will need, via their mobile device, making them available anywhere, anytime, as well as saving them time, and better preparing them for the meeting ahead.…