As mobile operating systems grow and develop over time, maintenance to the applications which have been developed for them is required. As pieces of code in operating systems get outdated and replaced by new and faster processes, there is a possibility that apps won’t communicate with these properly, causing app crashes, slow downs and a negative user experience.

It’s not just operating system updates which can cause issues however, third party Software Development Kits (SDK) and Application Program Interfaces (API) also periodically update for feature and speed improvements. These updates can sometimes cause compatibility issues and periodically bring bugs into the application. Some of the most common SDKs include Facebook, Twitter, Admob and Google Analytics.

Also, design changes are an infrequent but highly important part of application maintenance. Any application that was developed before the release of iOS 7 and Android 5.0, which has yet to be updated, will now look old fashioned and out of date in comparison. Skeumorphic design elements, drop shadows and textures are now considered old fashioned; while minimalist flat styles and crisp bold colours are now the guideline for any application user interface.

Fortunately, these operating system, SDK and design updates are easy to follow if they are monitored on a regular basis and a system health check is undertaken. Any amendments and changes are usually released with a fair warning period to give developers time to make the amendments required to ensure their app doesn’t loose any functionality.

A regular systems health check can protect against these potential problems, Tradebox Media offer a comprehensive package which covers the following:

90 day health check on all APIs

90 day health check on all SDKs

30 day health check on Social Media APIs

Pre-emptive advice on new platform updates

Annual report, outlining all major changes to iOS and Android

Five days development time to resolve any identified issues

Suggestions on emerging devices and platforms and recommendations of whether your app is suitable

If you would like to speak to a member of the team about our application health check / maintenance packages for your application, send us an email to [email protected] and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.